APSI – A Pint Sized Insurgency

What on earth is APSI?

A ludicrous Sci-fi adventure, featuring 2 pint sized alien ninja clones from the moon Woop Woop of the Great Groin Stretch Constellation of the Andromedan outskirts, that takes us on a journey through the perspective of our space faring survivalists into the foreign world of Earth where fact, fiction, myth and conspiracy theory all live and breath in the one dimension.. well 3 and 4 dimensions, maybe even 5 but who’s counting.

Splashing down off the east coast of Terra Australis of all godforsaken island continents, they have plenty of mind blowing encounters with the local inhabitants… mythical, conspiratorial, real, and completely fabricated figments of a warped imagination. The experiences and challenges to overcome are weirder than they could ever have imagined and more than these advanced, purpose-engineered, highly trained, hi-tech, intergalactic, spiritual commandos could have ever possibly bargained for.

The concept was cooked up over 15 years ago in a youthful moment of inspiration.. or madness? and endured through multiple incarnations till the internet graced us with its presence. It was re-birthed on a dormant blog, as a half-assed attempt at an online serial novel that never saw the light of day…. till now!

The dream was always to give these characters life in graphic novel form, the author, artistically impotent, disappointingly ill equipped for the task…

Then like the great sage equal of heaven, the connectivity of the world wide web unearthed the artist born for the occasion.

Cue Kickstarter pew pew!!